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Jeremy Alters is a former attorney based in Miami, Florida. With a career that spanned more than two decades, Alters’ built a reputation as one of the very best young trial lawyers in the country. He represented individuals and families who had been devastated by the negligence and callousness of others in the areas of product liability and medical malpractice. Through settlements and verdicts, he won well over a billion dollars for those families. As his practice and reputation grew Alters took on bigger and more monumental challenges. Alters decided to challenge the status quo and represent those in need who were targeted and taken advantage of by massive corporations. He was called by some the “king of class actions” for his unwavering challenge to some of the most harmful corporations. Taking on that role to challenge some of the biggest companies in the world and call out their deliberate methods of deceit brought significant risks, but to him it was worth it to help those who needed a voice. He started and was lead counsel for the national Bank Overdraft litigation MDL where he sued dozens of the nation’s banks for their calculated re-sequencing of debit charges to create innumerable overdraft charges for what they considered “low level” account holders. On January 26, 2011 Alters reached his first settlement with Bank of America for $410 million dollars. The floodgates opened after that and settlements followed totaling over $1.3 billion dollars. Simultaneously, Mr. Alters started and sued the German and Chinese manufacturers of contaminated drywall that was installed in, and was destroying homes throughout the southeastern United States. That case became the Chinese Drywall MDL and has settled for over a billion dollars where he represented more than 2,000 homeowners. Other of his notable lawsuits were against Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, BP Oil, Red Bull, Geico and many more. While these massive lawsuits brought much notoriety and success, they also brought attacks from powerful, political and internal foes who were determined to see Alters fail. Despite those efforts Alters continues to fight the good fight. He is writing his first book detailing the corruption, politics, and power in the legal community. It will expose the depths the desire for money, power and control will take people.

In keeping with helping those that need their voice to be heard. Jeremy has been active in democratic politics for years being a key member of Senator Kerry’s finance committee in his run for president. Then he became one of Senator Obama’s first finance committee members in late 2006 through and remained through both Presidential victories. Jeremy is honored to have served on President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 fundraising committees. As a key member of the organization, Alters helped donate and raise millions of dollars for Democrats.

As a long-time resident of South Florida, and a kid who did not grow up with tremendous means, Jeremy learned the value of giving back. Jeremy was an All American water polo player coming out of high school. His goal was to attend college in California and play water polo. Without the help of his high school coach personally and financially Jeremy would not be in the position he is today, and never would have played NCAA Division I college water polo. He never forgot his coach who stepped up for him and made his dreams reality. As a result, Jeremy makes it a priority to give back to kids and the community, donating to youth development programs, elite youth basketball teams, local youth football teams and kids in need of financial help for school. Alters has been supporting these programs and initiatives for more than a decade. He has donated millions of dollars to the sports and academic programs including a recent commitment to Nova Southeastern University School for $1 million dollars which helps support financial aid for academically qualified students and student athletes at the school. Many of the young men and women Alters have been involved with have gone on to receive full four year scholarships to elite athletic and academic universities throughout the country. Jeremy hopes that in the future as these young men and women give back in their own ways to help those in need. Jeremy, his kids, and his girlfriend Lina have a soft spot for rescue dogs. They have 4 at home. Each month the family sends food, supplies, shelters, medicines to a remarkable shelter in the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia which provides a safe haven for more than 400 dogs. In that community, every Christmas, the Alters family sponsor more than 130 children providing them with clothing, toys, and school supplies.

Jeremy has stepped into a new space over the last couple years. He and his partners founded Green Alpha, a venture accelerator focused on the emerging legal CBD and Cannabis arenas. Jeremy is the President and CEO of the company. Green Alpha has interests in California, Colorado, Florida and many other states and is now exploring the emerging legal medical market in Europe. His passion for this business comes directly from positive effects THC and CBD have had on cancer patients, those with anxiety, seizures etc. One the dogs his family adopted, Stevie, is blind with a serious brain injury. He underwent 3 brain surgeries and had a shunt placed. The doctors gave him massive amounts of medications which simply did not work. His condition worsened and the outlook turned bleak. Jeremy knew nothing about Cannabis or CBD. A friend recommended trying CBD in Stevie’s food twice a day. Remarkably, it worked. Stevie is off all medications and is now a thriving 3 year old dog. So his new venture, or adventure begins.

Jeremy lives with his three children, four rescue dogs, his girlfriend and his Dad in Golden Beach, Florida. He and his family are avid lovers of the water and travel, spending as much time as possible surfing and traveling the world together.

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